At Unified Commerce Solutions, we help businesses consolidate multiple payment channels into one streamlined digital solution that reduces costs and improves speed of payment for our clients.

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Backed by best-in-class U.S.-based customer service and technical support, Unified's executive team brings more than 80 years of combined managment success from the payments industry. Our front-line Customer Service, Technical Support and Account Managers' service-first mindset and committment is to provide our customers with conceriage-level support service. 


  • Dan Hatcher
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Madeline Long
    VP of Sales

  • Ben Juillerat
    Sr. Director of Sales

  • Lee Sharp
    Director of Marketing & Communications

  • Ron Demmans
    Manager of Operations

  • Siobhan Cooper
    Senior Account Executive

  • Jennifer Hooper
    Senior Account Executive

  • Brooke Myatt
    Senior Account Executive

  • Angela Hamm
    Client Care Lead

  • Shannon VanBrackle
    Administrative Assistant